Signs that Your Dodge Truck Exhaust System is Failing

The exhaust system in a vehicle is responsible for the gas recirculation in which the valve plays an important role in running the entire driving mechanism. The vehicle exhaust system also known as vehicle emission system is meant to recirculate the exhaust gases into the intake of the vehicle in order to reduce the cylinder temperatures and also the level of NOx emissions. This valve popularly known as the EGR is one of the main components of the exhaust system that control the flow and recirculation of the exhaust gases.

When the valve allows the exhaust gases to enter the EGR system to control the vehicle emissions. If the EGR valve get damaged, it starts creating problems with the gas recirculation flow and becomes a hindrance to its performance capabilities.

The probabilities of a damaged exhaust system are more in pickup trucks, since people tend to handle trucks more roughly than that of a car, and they work more in dusty sites. So, if you are a truck owner, and one of your trucks is from Dodge, the mechanics of a center if Dodge service near Niles are eager to help you out with this.

They have hinted at few usual and sure shot signs of a failing EGR valve seeing which you can come to know that it needs a replacement.

Issues with Overall Performance

The most common sign of a bad EGR valve is that it will overall deteriorate the engine performance. When an EGR valve gets clogged up or damaged, it starts disrupting the air-fuel ratio of the vehicle, causing the engine to perform lower than its usual way, like showinglow power level and poor fuel efficiency. The vehicle will also start stalling unpredictively and hesitate to accelerate.

Noisy Acceleration

When the exhaust system valve of a vehicle gets spoiled, you get a spark knock sound while accelerating. This knocking sound may increase as you accelerate more. This is a clear indication that the fuel is burning off inside the engine cylinder instead of being burnt its usual steady way. A faulty EGR valve will also not allow the right amount of exhaust to get diluted in the air-fuel mixture and cause overheating in the lower combustion chamber. All this can lead to further damage of several other engine components. Before things get more and more complicated and difficult to repair, it is always recommendable to get the EGR valve regularly cleaned of all the built-up carbon deposits and replaced if necessary.

Rough Idling

Yet another most common symptoms of a faulty EGR valve is that it will make you experience a rough idling time, and things will get worse, if you don’t attend to the issue right away. The EGR valve can start malfunctioning like any other mechanism and can get stuck even when it is in the open position. In the event of a damage in the EGR valve, the idling becomes noisy and rough, while you might also have to smell a strong odor of fuel.

As assured by the Niles Dodge service center staff members, the onboard computer system in your Dodge truck will also let you know when the EGR valve is out of order as the “check engine” light will turn on, of its own.