The Benefits Of Fitting a Bullbar To Your Vehicle.

It’s true that we love our cars, pickups, and trucks, and we take care of them much like we take care of our children. Most weekends we are outside, giving them their regular wash and polish, and we make additions like alloy wheels, and stripes, to make our vehicles stand out a little bit more. We don’t mind spending money on our cars, and we always make sure that they are regularly serviced, so that they are running smoothly. However, we spend a lot of money on cosmetic things, when there are other additions that make a lot more sense, and that have a lot more purpose.

I am, of course, talking about adding 4wd bullbars in Brisbane, and this welcome addition has gotten many Australian drivers out of difficult situations, and is even allowed them to help others. We refer to them sometimes as nudge bars, and they are an incredibly useful thing to have on any vehicle. Here are some of the many advantages of fitting a bull bar onto your four-wheel drive vehicle.

  • Handles animal collisions – In Australia, we are blessed with many species of different animals, but with these great numbers, comes collisions on the country’s highways. The number of kangaroos that are struck by a vehicle every year goes into the thousands, and when an animal as big as this impacts your car, then it’s going to cause a lot of damage. In an ideal world, you don’t want to be hitting any animal, but in the event that you do, the bull bar can provide protection for your vehicle, so that you are not paying out a lot of money for repairs.
  • It’s great for accessories – You never know where you’re going to end up when you own a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and so you might want to add additional accessories to the bull bar, to help you out of unusual situations. You can add additional lights, antennas, and even a winch, to get you out of difficult situations.

If you drive off road on a regular basis, then a ball bar will be a welcome addition to your vehicle. There are lots of dangers out there on the road, especially rocks and tree branches, that can get stuck into the front of your car and cause considerable damage. The bull bar helps to push away these branches, and because it is made of strong steel, it’s a lot harder to get past, than the panels of your car.

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