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How to prevent Vehicle Dealers

Lots of people who require a vehicle loan however with poor credit use dealers to get financing. True, you can aquire a poor credit vehicle loan from the reliable dealer but you need to keep in mind that there also dishonest vehicle dealers who may make the most of your circumstances. In the following paragraphs, […]

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          5 Kinds of Car Chassis Suspension Parts

As one of the three major parts of the car, an important part of the chassis, the type of suspension has always been one of the key points that most riders consider when buying a car. Car manufacturers will fully consider the positioning of the vehicle when designing the suspension for the vehicle. Factors such […]

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Determining Your Car’s Scrap Value

Is your car’s COE due date arriving in a couple of months? If so it is time for you to consider your options. Should you choose to not renew the COE, then you will have to scrap your car. Fortunately, you do earn from this exchange as you will be given a sum of money […]

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