Things you should know about the jeep

At New Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale, you will get a variety of Jeeps for sale. But before you decide that it is a Jeep that you want to buy, read on some interesting facts regarding jeeps and even entice you to buy it.

The first development of a Jeep

It was done by the American Bantam Car of Butler Pa then delivered to the U.S. Army at the Camp Holabird on September 23, 1940, in Baltimore. The designs that came later on developed by having the Willys and the Ford Overland were significantly based on the original American Bantam design. Though the company does not manufacture Jeeps, Bantum constructed military trailers and later some for public use until the 1950s.

GP was not Jeep’s original military monitor

The U.S. Army planners wanted it to be called the command car and light reconnaissance, which should have been called the LRACC. The good thing is that they had to pass all these designations and settled for L-Rack, which sounds more like a closet organization instead of a vehicle for the military.

Army bid in July 1940

On that particular day in the year 1940, the army went ahead and place a bid on what was intended to be a replacement for its motorcycle fleets and the Ford Model T modified vehicles. Its specification requirements noted a 600lb capacity load, wheelbase of not more than 75 inches long, the height of not more than 36 inches, a gross vehicle weight of under 1300lbs, an engine which could run smoothly for about 3 to 50 miles in an hour, a four-wheel-drive that has two-speed transfer case, a body that is rectangular in shape, three seats bucket-shaped, driving and blackout lights, and a windshield that is a fold-down.

Otherwise the company for passenger car

There is a contract that Willys Overland received for the Jeep production of WWII because it was robust and a powerful engine that came to power the Jeeps decades later.

It is a renowned four-wheel-drive transfer case

It inspired the military and then later the civilian Jeeps with the offroad capabilities that are unrivaled. All that was never produced or developed by Willys Overland but by Spicer Manufacturing, which later came to be known as Dana Corporation.

The vehicle trademark

The slotted grille at the front with headlights integrated was initially meant for the Ford design and even featured in Ford’s early pilot model. The grille then evolved from 13 slots in the designs that were done in 1940s iteration up to the nine slots in the production of the model in 1941 and then to seven in the model produced in 1945. Up to now, the Jeeps that are branded have a grille with seven slots.

Success has many fathers

That is true with the Jeep because it has many fathers who claim to have been involved in its success from inception to reach where it is. They include the U.S. Army Infantry Colonel William F. Lee and many others