Top choice for SUV rentals in Australia

If you’re taking a trip to Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia and need reliable, comfortable transport, an SUV rental is the way to go. What are the advantages of SUV car rentals in Australia? This helpful guide will help you get up to speed on everything you need to know when it comes to SUVs and car rentals.

What is car rental?

With both short and long term car rental options available, leading independent rental companies–such as Andy’s Auto Rentals–take the hassle and stress out of finding the right automobile vehicle.

When you rent a car, be it for a few hours or a few weeks, you’re able to enjoy all the convenience and benefits of private transport without having to worry about any of the maintenance, upkeep, insurance or roadside assistance costs of ownership.

How do car rental services work? 

At Andy’s Auto Rentals, they make the process of finding a car or SUV rental as easy and seamless as possible. The handy Book Now form allows you to enter all the relevant details. Then they do all the work.

Pickup location –  where do you want to come and collect your SUV rental from?

Dropoff location – where do you want to drop the rental car off when you return it?

Time and date  – let us know the exact date and time you need the rental car for.

Vehicle type – choose from a range of high quality sedans, trucks, luxury vehicles and SUVs.

Driver age – your age will determine your eligibility to rent a car and the cost of rental.

Discount code – if you have a discount code, put it in here to save even more!

There are a few things to note about renting a SUV in Australia:

  • The longer the period of time you rent the car for, the better the rate.
  • You are not required to provide any mechanical maintenance on the vehicle.
  • Additional coverage for insurance and roadside assistance is available.
  • Add-ons such as children car seats are available.

The advantages of car and SUV rental 

Why opt for car/SUV rental? What are the real advantages to choosing Andy’s Auto Rentals whenever you’re visiting Brisbane, whether it’s for work or pleasure?

Price match guarantee

Andy’s prides themselves on offering top rates for SUV rentals in Australia. Being both a large yet independent provider of vehicle rentals, they are uniquely positioned to offer all the benefits of a reliable, reputable rental company without the accompanying big cost.

Moreover, their Price Match Guarantee gives you peace of mind that not only are the fees the lowest in the industry but if you find another provider with even lower comparative rental rates, they’ll beat it! That’s a guarantee. 

Range of vehicles

When you’re tossing up between SUV rental vs commuting, one of the big advantages of going down the rental route is the fleet of vehicles available. It’s not just SUV rentals either. At Andy’s, they have a pristine line of luxury vehicles as well as cars and trucks of all makes, models and sizes. Every customer’s needs are different and our wide selection of vehicles are here to help.

Professional maintenance

All of Andy’s car and SUV rental vehicles are maintained by their professional mechanics who are trained and knowledgeable in automotive care. You don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel of an Andy’s vehicle because you can rest assured it’s been taken care of inside and out.

Roadside assistance

With additional roadside, breakdown and accident assistance available, renting an SUV for your commuting requirements offers plenty of peace of mind throughout your trip. Knowing that you–and your family–will be well taken care of, goes a long way when you’re far from home.

Pickup and dropoff

Rental companies like Andy’s Auto Rentals often offer pickup, dropoff and airport transfers to a range of select locations. This handy service adds an extra level of convenience and strips away the hassle of having to find your way to the depot yourself.

Car/SUV rental tips

  1. Book in advance to ensure the right vehicle for your needs is available.
  2. Ask for deals and specials to help you save extra money on the booking.
  3. Don’t rent from companies at the airport but rather opt for off-terminal depots like Andy’s where the price is much more reasonable. 
  4. Remember to bear in mind the costs of petrol especially if you don’t own and aren’t used to SUV gas prices.
  5. Include only the extra coverage and add-ons you need.
  6. Always inspect the car or SUV rental before driving off.

The advantages of SUV rental in Australia

Good for long car trips

If you’re intending on taking your vehicle rental on a long road trip, an SUV will make the family safer, more comfortable and the luggage easier to fit it. Additionally, SUVs are designed with a variety of extra features such as safety alerts and reinforced frames that are excellent for long car trips.

Good for city use

In addition to road trips, SUVs are compact enough in size to make travelling within a city and parking easy. The benefit of an SUV rental is the ability to benefit from both its robust nature for rural driving and its sleek design and smooth driving for inner city navigation. 

Safety features

Safety should always be a top priority. The SUV range at Andy’s Auto Rentals offers countless features that will add to your and your family’s safety. Things like Electronic Stability Control and even its raised chassis all serve to make the vehicle as safe as it can be.

Luggage room

Fitting in your luggage is always a struggle on family trips and holidays. SUVs are handy as they afford you plenty of room for baggage. Plus, with seats that can often be folded or lifted, you’ll have no trouble at all fitting in your luggage.

Family friendly yet professional

No matter why you’re travelling, an SUV rental is sure to suit you. Comfortable and spacious, it’s perfect for the whole family. Professional and sleek, it’s great for business trips as well. Whether you’re driving long distances or just making your way within the city, an SUV rental is the reliable, affordable and practical option. 

Find out more

To find out more about the benefits and booking process of an SUV rental in Australia, visit Andy’s Auto Rentals’ website today.