Which Is the Best Way for Motorcycle Transport?

You bought a new or pre-owned motorcycle online or are relocating across the country or heading to a motorbike rally, determining the right way to transport the bike can be complicated. You have two options for bike transportation – DIY or hire a professional shipping company.


If you have to move across the state, then you will need to seriously consider it a couple of times. Traveling across the state, on a motorcycle is challenging for you and the bike equally. If you are a little possessive about your wheels, then the DIY option is the best.

  • You will require a large automobile for shipping your bike.
  • You can rent an SUV with an attached trailer or a truck with a large bed.
  • The platform has to be large to accommodate the bike’s length.
  • You will need a ramp to load and unload the bike. Never even think about making a wood ramp as you are a DIY freak. The ramp has to be solid, and you can rent one.
  • Chock will be required to stabilize the bike on the trailer or truck’s bed. Chocks protect the front wheel from moving and keep the bike upright on the road.
  • Strong tie-downs are needed to prevent the body of the bike from shifting as the truck or SUV moves during transport.
  • Make tie-down harness from sturdy material. It has to be wide for allocating weight properly across the sides.
  • A belt attached to a ratcheting mechanism ensures that the straps are sufficiently tight.

DIY transporting your wheels offers peace of mind, and the chances of accidental bike loss through negligence get eliminated. However, if you have to buy a chock or trailer the cost will increase.

Hire motorcycle shipping company

Motorcycle Transport Company like Ship a Car, Inc can offer you different benefits. They offer enclosed transport, individual shipping crates, door to door service, and insurance. With SAC, you get a huge network of carriers prepared to offer their services at competitive rates with rapid turnaround times.

The company has helped to transport every kind of wheels ranging from cruisers, choppers, adventure routing bikes, dirt bikes, power cruisers, naked bikes, power scooters, motocross bikes, sports bikes, etc.

If you approve of professional transport, then prepare it for the trip. 

  • Wash it to avoid costly cleaning on the receiving end. It will highlight any new dents during transport.
  • List the mechanical problems, damages, and dents along with plenty of photos from different angles.
  • Drain the fuel and oil.
  • Check the transport requirement on the other end.
  • Remove aftermarket accessories or loose items to avoid transit damage.
  • Check your bike insurance to find if it offers transportation coverage.
  • If the transport is overseas, then you need to have the ownership paper and also find out if re-registering is needed.
  • The paperwork you submit to the shipping company has a copy of it.

On the loading day, you will get a receipt that includes the existing damage, if any. Ensure that the receipt has the date and everything as you agreed. The handler’s sign will be on the receipt.

Whatever way you choose, ensure that your bike is secure, so it arrives without any damage at the new location.