Do Not Make These Common Mistakes When Buying A Jet Ski

There is no scarcity of watercraft enthusiasts all over the world. Many of them even prefer to have their own jet ski. But buying your jet ski is not that simple as it looks. There are a lot of things that you need to consider if you plan on buying a watercraft. People end up making big mistakes while buying a jet ski and it costs them way more than it should.


There are many stores and manufactures that put up markup of 40% or even 80% in some cases leaving people think that they will get a good deal. This creates a wrong mind-set among people that items like watercraft will have a great markup. If you want a fair and reliable deal, you can check some online stores that even sell Ski-Doo usagé.

When to Buy?

You need to know that when the right time to buy a watercraft is. There are many manufacturers that come out with rebates that lower the price of units. You check for these rebates on websites of the manufacturer which are usually dealership direct rebates which means the rebate will be subtracted from the machine’s dealership.

You’re not buying a Car

Many people suggest that buying a Jet Ski is similar to buying a car, but this is not true. The dealers here get their financing from manufacturer and can’t make any extra money from the deal like car dealers do. This dealership doesn’t decide on terms or rates but just acts as a middleman between buyer and the bank. Also, keep in mind that getting a Jet Ski registration is much harder than getting a car registration.

How Will You Pay?

Paying by cash and financing a jet ski is the same for dealership. The difference is that the money from the financing may take about a day or two for dealership to get. You can also pay by your credit card so that you may get some extra points that the credit card company may give out.

The biggest mistake yet that people make while buying a watercraft is compare it to buying a car in terms of test drives. Well, the test drives here are not that easy as the dealership doesn’t happen on the water. You need to keep these pointers in mind while buying a watercraft or you may end up hurting your pocket and wasting your time and energy.