How does a car security system help in car’s safety as well as lower insurance premium?

Owning a car can be an extravagant affair. The process doesn’t end with buying the vehicle; it actually starts with the purchase. Once you own a car, you have to maintain it, take it for service, and ensure that the fuel tank is full. It’s a never-ending process, and the maintenance takes a toll on your bank account. That said, car insurance is probably the only expense that car owners hate over all others.

Most car owners believe that they overpay for car insurance, and in several cases it’s true. Fortunately, there are several tips you can use to lower your car insurance premium and save some bucks per year. One such trick is installing safety devices in your car. Otherwise, buy a car which is already equipped with the best-in-class safety features as it lowers your insurance premium to a great extent.

A safe car makes insurer providers feel more secure about the risks associated with you driving around in your car. Also, the additional safety features will keep you protected on the streets. Are you keen to derive benefits from such safety features? If yes, then have a look at these safety features that make your car safer and let you garner lower insurance premium as well-

  • Airbags: These are intended to save your head from striking into steering or dashboard in your car. They come out of the panel, the steering wheel and door linings in case of a massive crash.
  • Anti-lock brakes System (ABS): These are beneficial when you suddenly want to apply brakes. They also help prevent skidding of tires by sustaining traction between tyres and the road.
  • Electronic stability control: Just like anti-lock brakes, this feature helps to stop the car from turning and sliding out of control.
  • Safety alerts such as reversing sensors and cameras: These signals come handy when an article is too close to your vehicle and can cause a collision.
  • Automatic headlights: These lights turn on automatically while driving through low-light environments. They are useful especially when the car is traversing through the area that has dim or no lights.
  • Anti-theft device: Anti-theft device like security alarm shields your vehicle when somebody is trying to steal or break into it.

Here are different types of anti-theft devices that could help you prevent intended thieves from stealing your car.

Electronic alarm: When someone tries to touch or get too close to a car, a loud alarm will go off to panic the potential thief away.

Immobilizers: It prevents the car from starting by cutting off the ignition, contact, or fuel supply.

Locking Device: The most popular anti-theft locking device is “The Club” that helps you secure over the steering wheel. You can even install tools that can lock the clutch and the accelerator pedal.

Satellite Tracking System: This system uses GPS to locate a stolen vehicle.

Marking or Engraving Serial Numbers: Burglars generally avoid stealing those cars that have parts with the vehicle’s serial number etched on them. Selling stolen car parts with incriminations on them are difficult to sell.

Adding more safety features to your car is a great idea. The safer you stay on the road, the better. Insurance companies feel alike. Depending on the place you live in and the insurer you choose, you could qualify for significant discounts if you install the safety features mentioned above. To gain from these money-saving opportunities, speak with your insurer today.