Maserati GranTurismo Warranty and Craftsmanship

Over the last several years the factory has been completely renovated to ensure the highest production standards and now is amongst the most advanced small series production facilities in the world, combining traditional hand crafting techniques with cutting edge technology. are verified to then being tested by professional drivers.

To enjoy the same type of assistance reserved for new vehicles, a Certified Pre-Owned Maserati must satisfy strict specifications, such as being less than five years old, not exceed. The certification ensures that the vehicle has not been involved in any serious accidents and that it has undergone all the scheduled maintenance services required by Maserati. To be eligible, the Maserati must be less than five years old and not exceed 90,000 miles.

Maserati offers a wide range of customization possibilities to completely match the driver’s character, personality and temperament. For those who use their car on a daily basis and want the best possible quality of life on board, there is a wide arrangement of equipment and color to choose from. The Poltrona Frau® leather upholstery, for example, combines traditional craftsmanship and old techniques with inimitable Italian style. The hides go through a meticulous selection process, and undergo the most thorough finishing before being used for the Maserati interiors. The combination of matching interiors is endless and the Maserati customer can choose from ten leather colors, 13 stitching colors, three fine woods and five carpet variances. From the choice of leathers to the sophisticated interiors, the upmost care and attention is paid to each detail.

Maserati Certified Pre-Owned

In the United States and Canada the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Program is provided by Maserati North America, Inc. and offers an additional coverage of two years or 50,000 miles to any balance of existing new car warranty coverage that remains. The total coverage will embrace a time frame of up to 6 years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The Certified Pre-Owned Program offered by Maserati includes all 2007 model year and newer cars that were originally imported by Maserati North America and are conforming to Maserati Spa and Maserati North America Inc. enrollment and inspection qualifications. The Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Warranty covers such vehicles’ engine, suspension, transmission, cooling, steering and systems for braking, fuel delivery, electrical and climate control. Owners can also be reassured that the Maserati pre-Owned Warranty can be transferred to subsequent owners, adding value to their Maserati purchase. If you are planning to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned, remember that vehicles that have been certified by the manufacturer go through more rigorous testing and controlling inspections. Choosing a Maserati certified pre-owned vehicle ensures that your vehicle has undergone a comprehensive inspection process.

For vehicles sold in the United States and Canada, Maserati Certified Pre-Owned owners can also exploit exactly the same services offered to new Maserati owners in regards to the Maserati roadside assistance. The program is available 24/7 and, if the vehicle cannot be made roadworthy by the responding technician, it provides transport to the nearest authorized Maserati dealership. If the vehicle needs overnight repairs, limited rental reimbursement and travel assistance may also be available. If you prefer to experience the ownership of a new Maserati, be reassured that the first scheduled service is typically at 12,500 miles or after two years of usage of the new vehicle, whichever comes first. You can refer to the owner manual for the full scheduled maintenance for subsequent service for a specific model, however typically it is recommended every 12,500 miles. New Maseratis come also with a transferable four-year or 50,000 miles limited warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance. In addition, special financial terms are available thru Maserati Financial Services. Leasing allow buyers to experience the benefit of Maserati with lower monthly payments whether a competitive retail financing is available for those customers who prefer the benefit of the ownership at the end of their contract. By joining the Maserati Family, you will enter the Maserati’s line-up of award-winning cars including the GranTurismo range of high performance four-seat, two-door coupés and the Quattroporte range of luxury sport sedans.

Maserati GranTurismo MC: Ultimate Performance Without Compromise

Having been developed from a race car, the Maserati GranTurismo MC is unusually exciting and responsive thanks to its engine, which is more powerful than the one featured. The GranTurismo MC heart is its 4.7 L V8 engine featuring 444 hp at 7,000 rpm. Power, flexibility and instant response at cornering are secured by the car’s 376 lb-ft torque at 4,750 rpm with a steeper curve at low revs. A reduced friction is guaranteed by the redesigned oil sump fluid dynamics and DLC coating ( Diamond- like Coating) on the tappets and camshaft lobes. The result is a smoother and more powerful engine with reduced consumption and, consequently, lower emissions.

Just like the GranTurismo S, the alloy engine with steel cylinder liners is exceptionally light and compact especially along the car’s longitudinal axis. The Maserati GranTurismo MC cabin features details to create a special environment of comfort, style and excitement, such as the seats clad in fine Italian Poltrona Frau leather, the combination of leather and Alcan Tara® interior trim, a redesigned instrument panel and a new dashboard layout. The overall dashboard styling is very different from the one of the GranTurismo S: in line with the MC more sporting concept, the luxury oriented chrome detailing has been replaced with a more racing aesthetic in black. Alcantara® covers the central console, the central armrest, the door panel armrests, handles and the dashboard binnacle hood. IN the Maserati GranTurismo MC both the driver and the passenger are able to enjoy the car’s exceptional comfort and attention to details. The front seats are designed to provide outstanding comfort and good lateral support at high speed cornering. They also ensure an ergonomic seating posture which prevents fatigue even during long drives.

In the Maserati GranTurismo convertible the attention to detail is everywhere and revealed in features such as the subtle chrome inlay that elegantly decorates the dashboard and steering wheel’s buttons, the hand-crafted Trident logo on the seat headrests, the Alcan Tara® trim lining the back of the gear shift paddles and the visible stitching in the front and rear armrest. The GranTurismo Convertible interior is almost exclusively done with Poltroon Frau™ leather, a true expression of Italian craftsmanship thanks to the superior quality of its row material and fabrication process. The leather refined process guarantees durability, strength and a soft material. The leather is available in ten colors to offer compelling combinations for the seats, dashboard, tonal cover, steering wheel and gear level knob, all of which can be contrasted with the colors of the thread and carpets. Dashboard and doors panel can also be personalized: the standard dark grey trim can be tailored with darker technical colors for a more sporting feeling, whether an array of standard In the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible, clients can now choose from two additional personalization materials such as Cabrillo wood, with its characteristic sectioned patterns, and Moon wood with its linear grains. Cabrillo is a very unique wood from Brazil characterized by medium density and high porosity. By contrast, Moon wood is a multi-layer composite wood with a light color and pinkish grain which exceptionally suits the car interior and heavy duty outdoor car cover. Even the carpets are customizable and clients can choose from seven different colors.

A new set of custom-fit luggage have been created for the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible. Available in leather or combination of leather/fabric, the luggage is offered in blue, black, red, brown and beige. The basic luggage set is designed to perfectly fit the trunk of the Maserati Convertible and it is composed by men’s and women’s roller bags and beauty cases. An additional case is also available for loading onto the rear seats. In addition to infinitive customizations options for their new vehicle, Maserati owners can enjoy exclusive driving experience such as the Maserati Driving Courses in Italy. Thru the Master Maserati Driving Courses, Maserati offers to all its clients the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving the latest models in the “home” race track of The Master Driving Courses are designed to teach how to properly handle a Maserati while still pushing and controlling its complete powerful fleet to its limit under a professional guidance and safety environment.

Maserati GranTurismo MC: Passive Safety

The facility, that now covers more than 40,000 m², was entirely renovated in the late 1990’s becoming one of the most advanced low-volume assembly facilities in the world as well as an historic landmark in the city of Modena. The production lines are extremely modern and technological advanced to provide top quality production standards, as well as to offer more ergonomic assembly processes to Factory workers.  Both the front and rear seat belts have electronically controlled pretensions and load the most modern limiters on the market. The system communicates with a sensor which is able to evaluate the severity of a collision and optimally inflates the airbags by taking in consideration the status of the seat belts (fastened / unfastened). An inertial switch is designed instead to stop the fuel pumps and help preventing fire breaking out in case of a violent collision.

In extreme situations, the EPB can be used when the car is moving: the system communicates with the Stability Control (MSP) and acts on all four wheels in order to provide rapid braking in case of an emergency condition (deceleration of 0.5g).

Where to Find the Best Saloon Car Hire

Saloon car hire. There is a saloon car on the market to suit the requirements of all, as they come in all shapes, sizes and models from the Mini to the Jaguar saloon. They can also suit all budgets. Saloon cars became very popular just after the Second World War but they were in short supply, even American consumers had problems getting hold of a saloon car. The saloon car started appearing more and more throughout Europe, although the waiting list for many of the more popular models could be up to seven years. The worlds fastest saloon car of the time was the Healey Elliot, this car was produced by Brits.  The Jaguar car company built their saloons in this era which were larger and more luxurious but along similar lines to Allords saloon cars. The French then produced two saloon cars which were made by Citroen, the larger was the Citroen Traction, the much smaller but very popular Citroen 2CV.

Saloon cars were even produced by the proud and great Rolls Royce as there was not a great demand for luxury cars after the war, therefore Rolls Royce started producing The Silver Dawn saloon, with a standard factory body in 1947, by 1951 the normal Rolls and Bentley products were only distinguishable by their badges and radiators. Rolls Royce had taken over Bentley in 1931, they were still magnificent cars and were still classed as the best cars in the world. Saloon cars continued to improve with the Bentley continental reaching speeds up to 120 miles per hour. Meanwhile Jaguar cars were hard at work designing a new saloon complete with a new body and engine called the Jaguar Mark V11, which was a very attractive machine and was classed and still considered by many as the very best of the Jaguar Saloons. At this time the established car manufacturer, Armstrong Siddeley even started to produce some fairly standard and basic saloon cars targeting the main market. This was until they produced the Sapphire which was great car and excellent value for money, but suffered from extreme competition from Jaguar saloon and the cheaper Rover saloon models.

In the smaller saloon classes the Sunbeam Talbot was a great success, produced by the Rootes Group in Coventry England. It is hard to believe but even Maserati of Italy produced saloon models in the 1960s to meet the demand of the market. However this was short lived and Maserati returned to what they do best in producing luxury high performance sports models. However their saloon car the Quattro porter did sell very well. The saloon car is now the most produced car by all of the main car manufacturers and these vehicles cover the breadth of the car market from luxury saloons to basic models. Therefore the price range is extremely broad from the lowest price cars to some of the most expensive on the market.