The Essentials of Air Freight

Is it true that the first air freight flight occurred in 1910? It is true that air freight transport has a long history and has seen many innovations over the years.

If you need international shipping for your business, you might consider hiring a freight forwarder. A company based in the UK needs a reliable air freight service to ship goods correctly and safely.

The first thing you need to do is learn a little more about air freight before choosing an air freight forwarding company.

There are different types of air freight transport

It’s important to remember that you have several options in regards to aircraft when discussing air freight services. In air freight forwarding, commercial planes or passenger aircraft are often used.

It is usually small shipments or parcels that are carried by these planes. The purpose of this type of air freight forwarding services is to move shipments that might fit into one or two trucks. If you are using an air freight forwarder, you can also request air cargo shipping. It will be necessary for UK-based companies shipping heavier cargo to use aircraft that do not carry passengers.

A wide variety of items can be used in this category, including perishable goods, electronic devices, and even animals. In addition, air cargo is the preferred method of sending postal parcels and letters to ensure timely delivery.

Air charters are the final option for air freight shipping. As part of all air freight services, this is the most direct and fastest method. This method doesn’t have any layovers or outside interference, but it’s also the most expensive.

Air Freight Forwarding Benefits

If you need to figure out international shipping logistics, you might consider sea freight first.

There are some advantages to choosing air freight, but it also has undeniable benefits that are worth taking into account.

Amount of time used

One of the biggest selling points of air freight forwarding is this. There is no better method of shipping cargo than air shipping, unless we’re dealing with extreme weather conditions. There is still no better way to move goods than via air freight shipping, even if it’s deferred.

Achieving accuracy

Frequent delays and busy seaports are some of the disadvantages of sea freight. You should choose air freight if you want to avoid these problems.

It’s expected that cargo aircraft will be accurately scheduled, and they won’t need to stop for refuelling. Moreover, tracking your shipment with air freight is much easier.

Maintaining safety

Are you concerned about your cargo falling overboard into the ocean? With air freight, you don’t have to worry about that. Compared to ground shipping, air shipping provides better security and safety. Even the most minor damages to the cargo are much more thoroughly scrutinised and better protected.

The return on investment

Initially, air freight was more expensive than other types of freight. In the long run, this is a much more cost-effective solution for several reasons.

Most businesses lose money through downtime and halted production with other types of freight shipping. Air freight generally requires less packaging and doesn’t require as much storage.

On-Time Delivery of Your Cargo

Among the various types of freight forwarding services, air freight is by far the most convenient. The delivery process is fast, direct, and there are almost never any delays or damage.

Consolidated air freight is an excellent option for small businesses that want to expand their operations. Larger companies are already seeing many benefits from moving their cargo by air.

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