Industry leading Ute canopy windows

Are you looking for quality Ute canopy windows? Utes and canopies have woven themselves into the heart of Aussies, whether you’re a happy camper, 4WD enthusiast or a hard working tradie. Everyone loves their Utes and canopies!

However, sometimes you need to replace your canopy windows because they’ve been broken, update them to a better model or you’ve decided to build your own canopy in your spare time. So now you need new windows, but what type (sliding or fixed), what size and features, and which manufacturer?

Sliding or fixed Ute canopy windows

Whether you have a single or dual cab vehicle, you still need Ute canopy windows for fresh air and light but do you want fixed or sliding windows? If you opt for fixed windows then your choices are between acrylic sheeting or toughened glass. Most people select the acrylic sheeting for obvious reasons, but then you need to choose between flat or curved sheeting. Again, most people select the flat option because it’s better on your eyes!

On the other hand, if you select sliding windows then you also need to choose between toughened safety ADR glass or acrylic sheeting. You can also get an acrylic pushout window if you prefer, but these tend to be used more often on caravans or camper vans.

Size and features of canopy windows

To ensure that your Ute canopy windows are a perfect fit, you need the exact dimensions of the cut-out in your canopy. That’s the width and height measured in mm. Next you need to decide on the features of your windows and you have a few options. These include the colour of the window frame (usually black or white), whether you want the window lockable (internal or external locks) and whether you want the windows made from acrylic or toughened safety glass.

Then you need to decide on tinting for the windows (clear, light or dark grey) and whether you want a flyscreen in the sliding windows, if you have selected these over fixed windows.

  • Frame colour.
  • Locks – internal, external or none.
  • Acrylic or toughened safety glass.
  • Clear, light or dark grey tinting.
  • Flyscreen – yes or no.

Another thought is whether you want to collect the windows from a local manufacturer or have them shipped to your address. This brings us to the choice of manufacturer.

Which manufacturer?

There are a number of manufacturers who produce Ute canopy windows in Australia, but one of the leading companies is AJ Plastics who have been in the business since 1971. They not only design and build all their canopy windows in their local Brisbane factory, but they also produce windows and doors for caravans and RVs, shipping container conversions, work site cabins, donga housing and horse floats.

AJ Plastics are experts in manufacturing windows for multiple applications. They’re a 100% Australian owned and operated company who provide work for people in the local community. Turnaround times are fast and shipping options are reliable. All their windows and doors are custom made to your exact instructions and they guarantee all their work.

So if you’re looking for quality, custom made Ute canopy windows manufactured by a local Australian company, you can’t go wrong with AJ Plastics in Brisbane.

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