Things to remember if you ever get stranded on the highway 

Getting stranded on the highway during a cold deserted night, with no one to help, can be one of the worst experiences in life. One needs to keep his/her composure and stay alert in such situations. 

Your vehicle can betray you in many ways. A flat tire or overheating of the radiator (or even a small loose clamp in the engine) can give you bumpers on the road. Sometimes, your ignorance to fill gas could be the only reason for the misery. Whatever be the reason for the situation, one needs to find a way around it quickly to get moving at the earliest.

Here are a few tips you can use to avoid being helpless in such situations. 

  • Always keep an eye on the fuel gauge while driving long distances. Do not go for the last mile without filling the gas while on the highway.
  • Keep a spare tire in the vehicle. Periodically check whether the spare tire is fit for use.
  • Keep essentials like a torch, some food, and extra water in case your wait is prolonged.
  • Keep the battery at minimum load while you are waiting. This can help to jumpstart the vehicle when the help arrives. Keep the stereo and other fancy gadgets that consume battery down for a while.
  • Always carry a recovery rope in the trunk. A recovery rope can be your ticket to safety in most situations. Companies like Yankum Ropes are manufacturing top-rated kinetic recovery ropes that aid a safer and faster recovery of stranded vehicles.
  • Along with recovery rope, do not forget to carry the attachments like shackles, hooks, etc. This can save a lot of time and effort during recovery.
  • Check the vitals of the vehicle before every journey. Make sure that the water level in the radiator is intact, the lights are bright enough, and the air conditioner is working.
  • Always try to keep your mobile phone to maximum charge. When in distress, calling for help is the easiest way out.
  • Drive the vehicle at the speed permitted by the authorities. Follow the traffic rules.

These are some of the general tips one can adhere to while going on a road trip in their dream car. 

Bear in mind, selecting the best tools and equipment is a prerequisite to all the points mentioned above. Besides, it is important to stay strong and alert in any situation. As long as you do it, you should be able to recover your vehicle safely.