Tips on how to choose the best car shipping company

You must only ship your car a couple of times during your entire life. That is why making sure it goes smoothly is so important. Nobody wants to deal with insurance issues, as the vehicle is damaged, stolen, or worse. The simplest way forward is to spend some time researching the best shipping options and choosing the one you trust the most.

In this article, we will discuss what are some things to look for, and some things to avoid when searching for your preferred car shipping company.

1.     Trust

What makes or breaks any business dealing is whether you can trust your business partner to stay true to the agreed-upon terms. The best way to conclude in this case is to look at a couple of factors:

  • Reviews and references
  • Years of activity
  • Online presence
  • Insurance information
  • Authorization information

The more reliable companies will have these elements readily available – if not, they should not be anything a quick online search cannot supply you with. A simple rule of thumb is to ask for recommendations from family and friends – it is a safe way of having an idea of what service you would be getting.

2.     Price

While that should not be the sole deciding factor, price still is firmly on your list of priorities. Make sure to compare prices, while keeping an eye out for the fine print. Certain less-than-scrupulous shippers may try to report a lower car transport quote, while charging you far more than you would normally pay, by introducing hidden fees.

To avoid such scenarios, make sure you read the contract before signing, while also requesting binding quotes. Additionally, depending on the company’s specialization, localization, and overall transport availability you may get varied rates. Window shopping is always a good strategy, in that case.

3.     Extras

When browsing through the assorted options, make sure to pay attention to the various shipping options and extras at your disposal. That can be a good deciding factor between multiple, equally good options. For instance, certain vehicle shipping companies will offer you door-to-door shipping, while others will only ship to select destinations. Choose the company that can provide you with the ideal service you are looking for.

Choosing a company that has a convenient pick-up and drop-off point may be beneficial – but pay attention to insurance coverage and other key features, before making the decision.

4.     Type of shipment

Finally, you should narrow it down by the kind of shipment you need. The main methods of shipping your car involve either enclosed or open shipping. Most auto movers will provide you with both, but here is a short rundown of which may be better for you:

  • Enclosed – this kind of shipping is best reserved for antiques, sports cars, or luxury cars. The main benefit is that your car will not be affected by the outside elements for the entire duration of the trip. Avoid light chipping, sun bleaching of the paint, or mud build-up with this choice.
  • Open – this type of shipment is typically the standard. By shipping your car this way, it might be stained along the way, as it is not protected from the outside weather, but it should not be anything a trip to the car wash cannot fix. Anything more significant than that should be covered by the insurance, in any case.

Choosing the right kind of shipment can save you money, and fit you in a better timeframe with your shipment.

We hope this advice will help narrow your options down to a car shipping company that is going to be right for you. Keep tuned for more!