Top Quality Car Care Products for Your Vehicle

Did you know that Americans are so in love with their cars that they spend nearly nine billion dollars a year simply taking their vehicle to the car wash? And for many people, a car wash is not enough. They opt for detailing, having their car cleaned inside and out, (sometimes even the interior using a q-tip) and shelling out as much as $300 or more at a time to have the detailing done. Since detailing, in particular, costs so much, many people opt to do it themselves.

Products To Buy When You Opt To DIY Your Detailing

Detailing is not just about super-cleaning your car. It is also about choosing the right
products to use. For example, many people, make the mistake of using a foam rubber sponge to clean their car. The problem is the sponges and rags can easily be contaminated with dirt and grit, which means you are scratching the clear coat of your paint as you wash your car. A second, critical error, according to CNN, 12 Car Cleaning Myths is making the critical mistake of using ordinary dish soap to clean your car or truck.

The problem with cleaning your vehicle with dishwashing soap is that dish soap is designed to penetrate and remove food particles from pots and pans. That same penetrating action will more than likely mean stripping the polymer from your paint. After that, the sun will make short work of your paint by totally oxidizing it.

Paint Decontamination

Hang around detailers long enough, and you are likely to hear the term paint decontamination. Contaminants such as road tar, bird poop, rail dust, and tree sap are often lying atop your car, and simple washing does not eliminate embedded contaminants. You normally have to undergo a two-step process to remove contaminants. First, use a clay bar and lubricant to gently remove the surface contaminants. Then use a paint cleanser or decontaminant to finish off the job before applying a sealant on it.


You can finish off the job using a simple wax, either liquid or paste. However, most detailers prefer to use products like Sensha Car Care Products. They produce a mirror shine, which can last as long as a year or more.

Other Products You’ll Need To Detail Your Car

The first thing you will want to do is steam clean the interior of your car. Of course, you can wipe off cloth seats and vacuum rugs, but there is no substitute for steam cleaning. For under $60, you can purchase a portable steam cleaning kit, that will keep your interior spic and span for years. Then buy a dashboard and interior cleaner, particularly one that does not have silicone in it, which can actually degrade and deteriorate plastics and vinyl over time. Finally, purchase a quality tire and rim cleaner. For less than $15, your tires will sparkle and shine.