What Are The Most Common Failures On GM Trucks?

General Motors were always focused on making trucks. Some would say they are specialized in this area. No one can they’re wrong, but facts also say that GM trucks are full of surprises too. Negative ones. From the models that showed best for their customers to the Chevy Silverado 1500 that showed massive problems, trucks always have something to deal with.

Just look at this link and see the most common problems the Silverado had. See how many complaints they filed. Now, we can’t say that all GM trucks have the same issues as this model, but you should always be careful about some things. On this link is a list of things that you need to look out for if you own and drive a GM truck.

Suspension problems

The Silverado was the pick in the GM problem with the suspension. All GM trucks show failures sooner or later with the suspension system. The company obviously struggles to make a perfect suspension system so this is one of the things that you shouldn’t ignore if you encounter some tiny problem. What is a small issue at the moment might turn into a big problem.

What you need to do is turn to mechanics right away. If your truck is still under warranty protection, take it to the store and ask for a thorough check-up. You might get away from serious problems if the team specialized for this take a look and find a problem that can be fixed while it’s still time.

Tachometer problems

With trucks having automatic transmission systems today, the tachometer is out of function. If you have an automatic truck, then simply skip this part. However, if you’re driving a manual transmission truck, you surely keep an eye at the tachometer.

When the tachometer gets broken, which happens often, you’ll need to rely only on the sound of the engine. This is something that’s not recommended because of many reasons, mainly safety. The good news about this is that the tachometer is not complex and everyone can fix it on their own unless the problem is deeper. Here are some tips on how to do it on your own.

Body paint problems

It’s amazing how such an easy job is being missed by GM. A lot of GM trucks are having body paint problems. The paint is simply getting off. It’s chipping away. This is something that a lot of car manufacturers struggle with, but a customer is not interested in “other manufacturers”.

We all want our car to be perfect and we don’t appreciate when we realize that we bought a product that’s not. The problem is that the company is just not trying too much about this. They obviously use paint products that are not the best ones and end up with lots of trucks coming out of the store and having paint problems. We’re talking about just a few months after taken out of the garage. That’s a very serious issue.

AC and electrical problems

Back in the day when cars didn’t have air conditioning and electrical parts inside, GM was on top of the game. The change and the adjustment to the new ways are obviously creating some difficulties for them. See GM history on this link: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2009/apr/30/general-motors-gm-history

The air conditioning system often fails and stops blowing cold air and why would you even use the AC if it isn’t able to blow cold air. Also, the many electrical parts inside the truck are a massive part of the comfort these days. We like to feel like home when we ride our vehicle but if we can’t open the window because some of the wires were connected poorly, then this is not right.


Other problems that are troubling GM truck users are brakes and wheels, lights, fuel system, cockpit accessories problems, and others. Saying all this it turns out like the GM trucks are garbage which is not true. All manufacturers face lots of problems, but if you’re driving a GM truck you’d surely like to know more about these problems. Some of them are fixable and some require a more thorough check-up by professionals.