Which SUV Should You Buy

Big cars are all the rage right now. The quest to find the perfect car that will suit an entire family and will still look presentable has been around for a while. The days of the minivan are going by. So if you want a big car, you are left with two choices – an SUV or a pickup truck.

Here is the thing though – pickups are not for everybody. They are fine, if you can use them to their whole potential, but chances are most people wouldn’t. So the only choice you have is an SUV or at least a crossover. Still, this leaves you with quite a lot of options, especially if you look online. With auto transport you can buy the car anywhere and get it shipped to you. But with that freedom comes responsibility as well – you just have to know which SUV is the better choice. That is exactly what we will help you with today!

Big, Presentable and… German

We are opening our list with one of the SUVs that has been laying outside of the mainstream for a while now. However, that is sad, because it is actually a great car that balances price, luxury and utility quite well. We are talking about the VW Atlas, of course!

With great handling, good price and overall nice aesthetics, the Atlas is definitely among the vehicles you should consider for your next car.

The Family Car That Won All The Awards

It is no doubt that a lot of people going into the SUV market want a car that can transport the entire family, luggage and all. If you are not looking for anything flashy, but just want a reliable car geared towards families, Kia Sorento should be your pick. While it does not necessarily have that luxury feel, it is not too shabby either, with plenty of interior tweaks you can get.

Affordable and Comfy

Sure, SUVs are capable family autos, but sometimes you want one just to have fun with it. So it doesn’t have to be super big or anything, though it has to be a comfortable ride. For that occasion we have Hyundai Tucson. It won’t blow you away with incredible speed, but it will definitely get the job done and it is super versatile in terms of usefulness.

The American Beast

We Americans love our big cars. There have been plenty of them through the years, but a few have stood out. One such example is Ford Expedition. This car will make a statement anywhere you go. It looks big, aggressive, and is just awesome. The only drawback? It is not as affordable as the previous vehicles. Yet, if you care about cars and your family, this is the pick that will show it the best!

Jack of All Trades

Our final contender on this list is perhaps one of the best vehicles to date. It has won multiple awards for utility and design. This is the Mazda CX-5 – an SUV that is suitable for all! This is one of the most versatile cars on the market. It does not lack the sporty punch you get when you push the pedal, nor will it feel small on the inside. While it is not the ultimate family car, it is the one that can do everything you want it to.