5 Reasons why Maruti Ciaz is better than other sedans

The all-new Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is the longest and widest car in its segment. Not only it is spacious but this car looks like a segment from above. The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz on road price is around 9.78 lakhs and may differ for other variants. So, here is an article in which we will discuss the 5 reasons why Maruti Ciaz is better. Read this article carefully to know in details.


Maruti has kept so many things in the known territory. There are 1.4 litres and 1.3 litres of petrol and diesel engine respectively. These are the power plants that have been taken from previous cars. The petrol engine gives very efficient mileage of 20.7 km/l. But on the other side, diesel is the jewel in the crown. It gives a mileage of 26.4 km/l. Therefore, this is easily the highest efficiency in the class.

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Unlike other Maruti cars, Ciaz has the roomiest cabin till date. The backseat is having the highest legroom. It is even available for six-foot-plus individuals. There are rare AC vents also in the new Ciaz and a power outlet at the back too.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has the largest boot in its segment. At around 510 litres, this car once again puts the car in the league about the segment. You can go to a nearby showroom to know Ciaz vdi on-road price.


Buying this all-new Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is like buying peace of mind. The Ciaz on-road price is available on the Autoportal also.

This is a car that is very much reliable. Maruti Suzuki is having a tremendous value for their vehicles. The amazing mileage of this car gives people an outstanding experience of driving, you can also read Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Expert review. Therefore, you are always near a service centre no matters in which part of the country you are. There is always an authorized canter few miles near you.


This is a car having a pretty low suspension setup. However, instead of having Torsion beam rear suspension and the standard MacPherson Strut front, it has a low setup. Therefore, this low setup forms it to be a very enduring car.


Always remember that safety is the chief factor to be checked before buying a car. The Suzuki Ciaz on road price may differ from one variant to other. Ciaz is a car that offers so many safety features. Safety features are provided in all the standard models. Ciaz comprises of defoggers, dual front airbags, side-impact beams, ABS and EBD.

Final Words

You can buy second hand Maruti Ciaz also. To know Maruti Ciaz 2019 on road price you can go to a showroom of Ciaz and ask. Therefore, Ciaz is an all-rounder car with so many opponents. All the opponents are doing great already but the existence of new Ciaz is a great example. As because it is loaded with features and all.