A Car without These Configurations? Don’t Buy Even It Is Very Cheap

Nowadays, there are more and more configuration for safety and comfort configuration in a car, such as a tire pressure monitoring, ESP body stability control, lane departure warning, 360-degree panoramic camera, uphill assist, seat electric adjustment, seat ventilation heating, automatic air conditioning, etc. Normally, the richer the car configuration, the more convenient the driving operation, the higher the safety, the easier the driver and the higher comfort. Cars are different from other things. We can’t buy a car just look at its appearance. In summary, there are several configurations that must be considered when buying a car, if not, do not buy it even it is very cheap!

  1. Safe Configuration

That is an airbag. When a car collides with an obstacle, this is the first collision. Then the occupant collides with the inner member of the car. This is the second collision. The airbag quickly opens a gas cushion filled with gas after the first collision and before the second collision. Because of inertia, the inner member will fall on the air cushion, thereby reducing the damage. If the driver and the co-driver are not equipped with airbags, they easily hit the steering wheel during the crash. And the passengers are easily bumped into the center console, causing serious head injuries. When buying a car, be sure if there is an airbag. In addition, there are side airbags now. That is there are airbags on both sides. This configuration is not very common now. But if there are side airbags in the car you are going to buy, that would be great. This can also cause less damage to the people inside of the car when there is a car accident.

  1. Reversing Image And Parking Sensor

The reversing image and the reversing radar can more intuitively show the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle which can help to reduce the blind spot at the rear of the vehicle. Some reversing radars also display the steering trajectory on the display according to the steering angle. Reversing radar and reversing images allow novices to decide the position of the car more accurately. For the veteran, they can also increase the speed of parking. The reversing image and the reversing radar is different. But for the novice driver, both are needed if possible. As for an experienced driver, if you can easily reverse with a rearview mirror, that is very nice.

  1. Spare Tire

Tires are one of the most vulnerable parts of our cars. I believe many people have encountered tire damage on the road. If there is a spare tire, we can easily change the tire and continue to drive. It can save a lot of money and trouble. However, if you only have tire-filling fluid, it is not easy to use and there are many limitations. Many people even don’t know how to use it. Then rescue is needed on the road.

  1. ABS Anti-Lock System

It can save a life at the key moment. If there is no ABS anti-lock system, the car is prone to tire lock when the emergency brake is taken. That is, the steering wheel cannot be rotated, so the risk factor will increase, which can easily cause serious consequences. So this function plays an important role in the braking. In addition to the four configurations that a car must be equipped ESP and tire pressure detection is also very important.

So What About The Configuration That Can Be Improved In A Car?

  1. Electric Suction Door

This configuration is usually only available for high-end luxury cars. Cars without an electric suction door are very common. But luckily, we can add it by ourselves. It can reduce the damage and help to protect the door because the door occasionally closes strongly, which causes the components of the door frame to be loose and worn.

  1. Electric Tailgate

Today, with increasingly complex car configuration, the electric tailgate is not a new thing. Although the electric tailgate is not a luxury configuration, it is very practical, especially in the case of holding a large bag in the hand. Just press the remote control button to automatically open the tailgate. It is very easy and convenient to use. The role of the electric tailgate is more prominent for SUV models with tall bodies and heavy tailgates.

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