Things to Bring with You on a Long Trip to Prepare for a Possible Car Breakdown

If you’re traveling a long distance, anything can happen. Even if you prepared for the trip, there might still be some unwanted circumstances. When things go wrong, you will at least feel good to know that you have everything you need with you. Pack the necessary items before leaving home for a long-distance trip.

A backup phone and charger

Imagine driving in the middle of an unfamiliar location, and your phone suddenly runs out of battery. You can wait until arriving at your destination before recharging. The problem is if you experience a car breakdown along the way. You won’t have a means of communicating with anyone for help. It would have been easy to ask for help from a Fort Lauderdale towing service company. However, if you couldn’t call them for towing services, you would get stuck. A backup phone would be useful. It should also be of a different network. If your regular phone has poor coverage in the area, you can use the other one. A power bank would also help to recharge in the absence of a plug.

Food and drinks

If you’re going on a road trip, you need to bring plenty of food and drinks. You don’t know when you can find a place to eat. You would rather prepare something to eat for the entire trip than starve because there’s no store nearby. If your car breaks down and you need to wait for the arrival of the towing service, you need to eat. Having sufficient food and drinks in the vehicle would help a lot.

Tool kit

You don’t need to ask for help right away if you have experience in fixing your vehicle. With a complete toolkit, you can do the job yourself. It only takes a few minutes to fix the problem if you can figure out what’s wrong. However, if you can’t restart the car, you need a towing company. Wait until the best person is available to deal with the issue.


If you have a pre-existing condition and other health issues, you should bring your medicines. Even at your destination, you might have a hard time finding the specific pills that you want. You should have enough medicine to cover your entire trip. If your car halts and you have a medical emergency, you will feel relieved that you have medication in the bag.

Map and compass

It seems like these are old tools for traveling. The truth is that they can still be relevant. Your reliance on technology could be a downfall. Imagine if you’re using the GPS of your car, and it stops working. You might get lost. If you rely on online maps, it could be a problem if internet access is poor. To guarantee that you can still safely arrive at your destination, you need these tools.

You hope that nothing wrong will happen, but it helps if you have everything you need in the car.