Petrol Vs CNG cars – Which one is better for your car?

When it comes to saving costs, people often advise to get a CNG (compressed natural gas) kit installed in an existing car or to buy a CNG variant of a vehicle. Is it just about the low running costs in CNG or is there more to it? Most new budget cars today are being offered with CNG options; however, for older cars, you will need to install aftermarket kits.

Before reaching a conclusion, let’s take a look at the major differences between the two:

Factors to consider Petrol CNG
Initial buying cost Compare to CNG-fueled cars; petrol cars are cheaper. For cars that cost below Rs 10 lakh, the CNG-powered cars are costlier by Rs 50,000 – Rs 60,000. This additional cost won’t pinch much if you opt for used cars on EMI, as a small increment in monthly EMIs won’t make a significant difference.
Fitment No special fitment is required. The boot continues to offer regular space as prescribed by the manufacturer. Special fitment is required that involves the installation of the CNG tank in the boot of the car. This leads to the loss of the boot space.
Eco-friendly Petrol is a cleaner source of fuel compared to diesel but not cleaner than CNG. CNG is one of the cleanest forms of fuel, making CNG cars environment-friendly.
Engine performance Running your car on petrol returns optimum performance of the engine. You get instant throttle response in petrol cars. Switching your car to CNG mode drops the performance of the engine by up to 20 per cent.
Running costs It offers average running cost. CNG-powered vehicles have the lowest running costs.
Fuel availability It is readily available in cities, towns and highways. CNG pumps are very limited. Moreover, the ones in operation usually have commercial vehicles queued up waiting for a refill.
Fuel cost The cost of petrol is increasing at an alarming rate. It costs Rs 80.43 per liter in Delhi as on 8 July 2020. The cost of CNG in Delhi is Rs 43 per kilogram.
Long-term reliability The petrol-powered cars offer complete peace of mind with manufacturer warranty. The company-fitted CNG cars are offered with a warranty. However, retro-fitted ones do not guarantee long-term reliability.


In a nutshell, the CNG cars may appear to have low running costs, but the maintenance and repair cost remains a concern. Moreover, the loss in power also compromises the drive. Lastly, the installation of the CNG tank in boot makes it completely unusable. Hence, the right car to choose depends on your driving habits and the distance you cover each day.

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