Top 6 Things to Know When Auto Detailing

Car maintenance is not optional for car owners rather mandatory to take care of your car if you want it to perform better in the long run. Everyone wants to give their car a new look. They want to keep it in the best condition because it is a hard-earned property. So how can you keep your vehicle neat and perfect? The best suitable answer to this question is auto detailing. Auto detailing has become quite popular among car owners because it offers something more than just a car wash. If someone wants to get their car a complete cleaning session from outside and inside, they can surely opt for auto detailing.

What Is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is more like a cosmetic procedure for the cars rather than a mechanical one. It involves thorough cleaning and wiping off the car from inside and outside. Auto detailing does not involve any type of painting work. It also does not include the repairing and replacement of broken parts of the car. This process simply wipes out the dirt from big and smaller sections of the vehicle and leaves a polished, shiny car that everyone would love to have.  

How Much Does It Cost? 

Auto detailing could be expensive for some people who prefer a regular car wash. The starting prices of auto detailing are between $50 to $150 for small or average-sized vehicles. At the same time, the price keeps on increasing for sports cars and big sized cars. But as the quality really matters, the basic amount of $50 becomes reasonable. The company you choose for auto detailing also matters as most companies charge according to their services.

Tips on How to Do Auto Detailing Yourself

If you are quite hesitant while spending money on auto detailing, you can do it yourself too. It would definitely be cheaper, but how? Let’s focus on some useful tips if you are going to do auto detailing of your car.

Purchase Affordable Products

When you decide to auto detail your car, always remember your goal is to save money. Many good quality products are available in the market for this purpose. Some products offer the same quality and results, but there is a big difference between their prices. So all you can do is, do a bit of research and buy those products that come at a reasonable price.

Stay Regular With Auto Detailing

You should never leave your car after its auto detailing is done. It is essential to stick to it and be regular with it. If it is not done regularly, the vehicle will become dirtier with the time being.

Use Right Products

While choosing the products, you must know what could be the best possible products for your car. Always go for the materials that are favorable for your vehicle. Otherwise, it could go completely wrong.

6 Things to Know When Auto Detailing

There are certain particular things you need to know about the auto detailing process if you have a car. Below are a few important points that every car enthusiast you should know.

Cleaning Top Area of Windows 

Most of the time, the top edges of the glass windows are left unnoticed. The whole car is washed and cleaned, but those edges are left behind. It is important to roll down the windows and clean them too. 

Complete Cleaning of Tires

Tires are absolutely the most exposed part of the car that looks awful when they are dirty. In auto detailing, it is necessary to clean the tires thoroughly by washing the tires, wheel cups, and rims.


Several parts of the car require lubrication because, with time, the friction increases among them. The doors are an essential part of the vehicle, which needs regular lubrication. It must be done in auto detailing.

Use Microfiber Cloth

The use of microfiber cloth is necessary because it keeps the car scratch less. While rubbing to the surface, the poor quality cloth always leaves scratches that get visible later. So a microfiber cloth is best to use in auto detailing. 

Use of Vacuum

The vacuum cleaning must be adopted in auto detailing. Especially when it comes to the mats and floor surface of the car, the vacuum is significant, and it should not be skipped.


Skipping the polishing phase can cost you a considerable amount. Polishing provides a shiny look to the interior and exterior of the car. It is compulsory, that is why it is done to complete the process.


It takes more than just a regular car wash to take care of your vehicle as car washing and auto detailing are not the same. Auto detailing is a delicate process that increases your vehicle’s paint life and its resale value as well. It would be best to get your car detailed when the seasons change. However, by following these important tips, you can do auto detailing in the right way while saving money.